What am I good at?

I'm good at recognizing patterns. I can identify cues to improve my behavior, but I can also synthesize knowledge to communicate it more effectively.

Recognizing patterns also applies to decision-making, allowing me to be practical but also very optimistic in life.

What do I struggle with?

I seek the validation of friends and strangers more than I wished. It makes anxious at social settings like clubs or concerts.

On top of that, I cannot enjoy an activity I cannot be really good at. You might say everybody is like that, but my friends have no problem losing against me over and over (haha).

What are my beliefs?

I believe that our dreams and desires have a price, not necessarily monetary, and that refusing to pay it is what holds us back the most.

I also believe we constantly escape reality through our vices because we don't know a better way to cope with the anxiety that we have failed to address and integrate into our lives.

What is in my diary?

It has 3 questions I answer every day:

1. What is making me anxious and what would a kind friend say about it?
2. What am I grateful for and what am I proud of?
3. What was the best thing that happened today and what do I look forward to tomorrow?

Why did I do a vasectomy?

To avoid an unintended pregnancy and so that my partner can stop taking the pill.

Vasectomy doesn't mean no children, it means no children with my DNA on them, I can still adopt. Plus I don't think my DNA is so especial, and even if it were, most geniuses kid's are average.

How do I track habits?

There's an upcoming article on this topic.
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